WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council) announced the launch of a new initiative, building on its long history of advocacy on energy issues, which calls upon U.S. elected leaders to expand the nation’s energy supply to bring down the cost of energy. 

The Small Business Affordable Energy Project aims to educate and support strategies that will lead our nation out of its current energy crisis and return to affordable prices by capitalizing on America’s vast energy supplies. Through a diverse portfolio and an ‘all of the above’ energy strategy, small businesses can have access to the affordable and reliable energy they need to compete, grow and survive.

SBE Council also released an issue brief outlining what the Biden Administration can do today to increase domestic energy supplies and help address soaring prices. To date, according to SBE Council, Biden Administration energy policies have been inconsistent and counterproductive. At the same time President Biden is calling upon American energy suppliers to produce more oil and gas to alleviate prices, their actions put a burden on and hinder production, by limiting access on public lands and federal waters and canceling infrastructure projects. In addition, this is an industry that is dominated by small to mid-size businesses, and counterproductive and costly policies are harming local economies, the employees in these businesses, and the innovative engine that is transforming this vital U.S. sector.

SBE Council highlights five things the Biden Administration can do now to increase energy supplies and help small businesses:

  1. Open Federal Lands and Waters
  2. Avoid Punitive Tax Measures Like a “Windfall Profits Tax”
  3. Support Pipeline Approvals
  4. Fast Track Natural Gas Projects
  5. Don’t Cede Energy Security to Foreign Rivals

SBE Council President & CEO Karen Kerrigan offered the following comment:

“Support for domestic production and investment in the U.S. energy industry will help alleviate rising gas prices that are hurting our economy, hardworking Americans, and our small businesses who are working hard to recover and survive a range of challenges, including the squeeze of high inflation. Smart policies can spur long-term growth and innovation in this critical industry, and for the sake of our economy and our allies the United States must lead. Through the Small Business Affordable Energy Project, we will continue to hold the Administration and Congress accountable for their policies and ask them to enact sensible solutions that actually address high costs and an unstable future to help small businesses.”

To explore the new website, click HERE: https://www.affordableenergyproject.com/

SBE Council is nonpartisan advocacy, research and education organization dedicated to protecting small business and promoting entrepreneurship. For 28 years, SBE Council has worked on and advanced a range of private sector and public policy initiatives to strengthen the ecosystem for strong startup activity and small business growth. Visit www.sbecouncil.org for additional information. Twitter: @SBECouncil